LabelX sensor LBX-100
  • LabelX sensor LBX-100

LabelX sensor LBX-100


Label sensor, fork width 3mm. Minimum gap or label size 2mm.

Operating Current 40 mA. Supply Voltage 10-30 VDC.

Plastic housing, connector M8, 4 pin.

Digital Output PNP/NPN, 100mA.

3 Programming modes: Teach-Standard, Teach-Thin, and Custom Teach-In.


Labelx features:

discrete output that can be connected for NPN and PNP operation,

a PLC can be used to monitor the status of the discrete output signal indicating label or gap presence as required,

status LEDs provide visual indication of teach and error conditions,

Key lock mode is available to lock the Teach key,

remote teach input is provided,

Light-ON/Dark-ON functionality is provided via the wiring connections.

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The LabelX Sensor combines small spot size and fast response for high-speed label detection. LBX sensor detects a wide variety of adhesive labels on many different types of web backings by differentiating between the gap and the label. The Teach Key makes this label sensor fast and easy to use. The LBX-100 provides higher sensitivity for nearly clear labels. LBX-100 provides 3 Programming modes: Teach-Standard, Teach-Thin, and Custom Teach-In. In Teach-Standard mode, one press of the Teach Key sets the switching point for standard labels. In Teach-Thin mode, two presses set the switching point for low contrast labels. Custom Teach-in records a separate measurement on the gap and on the label to allow for optimal detection of difficult labels. Applications for Our Label Sensors: Label applicator machines Label counting Splice detection Mark detection on translucent film High speed dispensing Label registration Double sheet detection Winder, re-winder

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LabelX sensor LBX-100

LabelX Fork sensor. LBX-100. EMX

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