In-line helical gearbox. Robus series.

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In-line helical gearbox.

Robus size RB25, nr: 2 stages, ratio i: 15; mounting type FSW =base type SW.

Input flange (that determines the input hole diameter too) Pam: 63B5 or 80B5

Gear ratio (i)
Motor Type (Pam)
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Uniquely contoured, rigid, precise, monobloc, cast iron body.

<>Base and flange ensure extreme robustness.

Easy to examine and maintan; Shafts are made from 42CrMo4 steel and tempered to reach a hardness of 23-35 HRC, this increasing their capacity to withstand shearing stresses.

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Robus gearbox

In-line helical gearbox. Robus series.

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Reductor Coaxial Robus

Reductor Coaxial de la serie Robus

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